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This is a comic about my own emotions, made to release my own emotions, and to cope with my own emotions.

Sometimes obvious things aren’t so obvious.


A Dream of 28 Million Cats…

Sophie is a Ragdoll and indoor cat. Maybe she’d try to trip me less if she got to kill flies and things. Generally, she just yells at them as they buzz around..


This is the true magic of stories. (Illustration by Natasha Kline)


This is the true magic of stories. (Illustration by Natasha Kline)

Especially cats.

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You Can’t Be a Princess” | Journalists from ABC’s “What Would You Do?” planted hidden cameras in a Halloween store and filmed shoppers’ reactions to a boy who wanted a princess costume and a girl who wanted a Spiderman costume.


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Aug 1

Stars - Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It (by StarsMontreal)


Sometimes I think my cats are Hobbits.

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If you don’t like where you are, move on. You are not a tree.

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Beautifully designed traditional Japanese Kanzashi hair ornaments by Sakae

Michelle Rodriguez Made Me Cry at Comic-Con




And these are the successful women. Imagine anyone starting? I know a few kids out here trying to make it as actors and just hearing some of the shit they’re supposed to be OK with because they’re “nobodies”? Hell, I have worked at a place where the second day in, one of the lead TDs was asking me if I wanted to go to his hottub after work. When I said no, he im-ed me asking me if it was cause I had a bf, that he just wanted to be friends, when i said I just wasn’t interested, he kept on messaging me more and more until I just said, it isn’t you, I am gay, not interested in any man, please stop. Did it? Nah, he just then asked me how i “ate pussy” and any “techniques you wanna pass?” “I’ll eat you out, you can close your eyes, we don’t even have to have sex.” This was a man who was larger than me, about 40 and who had seniority. When i told the HR, who also doubled as a producer and as an accountant (small company so no HR really) she told me that I would have to have it in writing from him with witnesses before she could do anything, and it was best to just ignore him. Shit like this isn’t uncommon. And I will be honest, I am not the most attractive gal, so I can only imagine the things the “hot chicks” have to deal with. Like one of the PA’s who was trying to become a model and one of the guys working thought it would be funny to send pictures of her magazine spread with a red circle over a shadow of a nipple. It went ALL over the office and this girl had to just take that shit or quit. And this is video games… I have faired better in VFX, but that was just because I was in a small team of REDICULOUSLY nice and amazing people. The same cannot be said for people who were in other departments. 

It isn’t  just a poor woman/minority woman/ ignorant woman/ lower class woman issue. It’s an every-woman issue. This is just ONE industry that is being talked about. And it’s a billion dollar one. Can you imagine what happens in others? These are FAMOUS people. They aren’t voiceless, for the most part, but they still are treated this way. 

But no. We don’t need feminism anymore. (sarcasm for folks who are hard of getting sarcasm)

Oh lord, it happens in every industry, in every job.

Before getting hardcore into comics, I’ve had several jobs that were just minimum-wage crap. One, I was an assistant manager to an independent pet store that liked to hype up its community and beautiful leadership. Meanwhile, the managers were diddling coworkers in the back of the store and those coworkers magically received raises and promotions. I was the only lesbian working in my particular store, so when the GM took me out for lunch, I thought he would just be talking about my store and the employees. What transpired was a whole heap of awkward. He asked me to get into his black-tinted SUV to drive two parking spaces over to the next-door restaurant. He then showed me his Ace of Spades tattoo, located directly above his crotch. When lunch was over, he spent an uncomfortably long time in his car with me, getting closer and closer in my personal bubble, mentioning how pretty I was. I finally bolted and made an excuse that I was late putting in an order.

Example two: Same store, the managers switched over, so I was below an asshole misogynist who handed out copies of his manifesto “Don’t Be a Little Pussy” that included not complaining, comparing worthless people to vaginas and using the phrase “man-up” several times. This was a job that required (mostly women) to sling 50lb bags of dog food and kitty litter into neat 7-foot stacks daily. You had to have fucking muscle to work there, which the manager did not have, and made everyone pick up the brunt of his work. He also told me several times that he “liked girls that tried — girls that worked on their appearance” and would point to my hair (Note: I wear a shit-ton of makeup, no one is debating that, but my hair is pretty much unkempt and tied back when I’m working). He also made several uncomfortable comments about my lesbianism, including bringing up my spouse as “So she eats your pussy all the time? You don’t wanna ruin your lipstick?” as a regular ‘joke’. I lost that job because I talked to HR about his inappropriate behavior.But guess what? The head of HR was the GM’s best friend. Apparently, I didn’t put out, so I was shut out.

It’s not just men, either. Working at a grocery store, I experienced far more sexism and homophobia from women than I did men. Women constantly told me that I needed to not “be so out” (as a femme lesbian, this is bananas — the only thing I ever did that was “out” was shop with my spouse in my free time, off the clock, or mentioning my spouse in context to when EVERYONE ELSE was talking about THEIR families) and that I was “distracting” to my male coworkers. I wore the uniform to a T (polo shirt, usually with a sweater UNDER it because I worked in the frigid back, very loose pants, a belt, and an APRON over everything), yet I was somehow too sexy to be around my male counterparts wearing more revealing examples of the same uniform. Oh my god, I can tell you have boobs and a waist, you’re a disgusting piece of sex!

This shit happens everywhere. This shit is why I need feminism, and why I don’t take crap from anyone anymore.

Reblogged not only for the article, but all of the above commentary that just makes one sick to the stomach.

While I’ve been lucky enough to avoid much sexual harassment (that I’ve noticed, I’m a pretty oblivious to other people when they’re not in my field of attention), I have been targeted a-plenty for my lack of feminine wiles. Hell, the only time I’ve ever been fired was for, I shit you not, not being “perky and sweet enough.” I got along great with my male coworkers. I acted exactly like them — many of whom were with the store for years before and years after, which is a big part of that “getting along” thing. What I didn’t act like was a chipper, pseudo-Snow White 24/7, but apparently, that was inappropriate behavior for a female-bodied person to exhibit.

It’s apparently not only a crime to not be sexually available, but to also not be their ideal female bursting with soft, lilting tones, apologetic manners, and little flouncy outfits to emphasize their very demure little bodies.

If I’d known this sooner, I can damned well promise I would have adjusted my behavior and not been fired for being so unprissy. I would’ve been fired for punching the owner square in the face.